Company Profile Action Guide DMW

Message from the President, DMW Action Guide

DMW has honed its business for more than 100 years. We appreciate the support and cooperation that many people have given us during this process, including customers and senior employees. Our long history has earned us a wealth of experience and expertise. Meanwhile, throughout our history we have striven to always observe the norms of the society in which we operate.

Our policies are as follows.

      (1)Management philosophy: Our culture is designed to maximize the abilities of our management and employees. This stance is essential if we are to continue contributing to society.
      (2)DMW Action Guide: We formulated the DMW Action Guide after reviewing our management plans, divisional policies, contract provisions and other information, adding provisions as appropriate.

The DMW Action Guide serves as a standard for our current operations and a guide for future business development. All employees of DMW and its affiliated companies are expected to comply with the action guide and exercise its precepts daily. Ultimately, we aim for DMW to be considered a “valuable company” that coexists with society as a good corporate citizen.

Hideaki Murabayashi

Tadahiro Tsuchiya

DMW Action Guide (Summary)

<Understanding and Observance of Societal Rules>

DMW neither acts illegally nor involves itself in illegal acts. Because DMW believes in corporate justice and social responsibility, it maintains no relationships with antisocial organizations that threaten social order and community safety.

<Relationship with Stakeholders>

DMW regards its stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners and members of society, as partners. DMW provides its stakeholders with information that is appropriate to cement fair and faithful relationships.

<Independent and Fair Business Conduct>

DMW understands and observes all applicable legislation, including antitrust law.

<Proper Management of Information>

DMW does not disclose, revise or delete information without just cause. Furthermore, DMW actively discloses appropriate information to stakeholders. DMW protects the information and privacy of third parties. DMW neither acquires information through unfair methods nor makes improper requests for disclosure.

<The Environment>

DMW considers the environment a core business domain. Accordingly, the Company researches environmental technologies and develops and manufactures products designed to preserve the environment. DMW minimizes its environmental impact through efficient operations, strives to ensure a healthy coexistence with the environment and seeks to contribute to a healthy and wholesome society.

<Corporate Citizenship>

Recognizing its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, DMW takes part in government and regional community activities and strives to provide opportunities for cooperation.


DMW maintains a board to ensure compliance, a consultation room for employees, an employee hotline and a compliance promotion group to foster full awareness of the DMW Action Guide and ensure its execution.