Company Profile Management Principles

Management Philosophy

New Technology
DMW takes a craftsmanship-like approach and aspires to future growth.
Contribution to Society
DMW manufactures high-quality products employing its own technology and expertise, thereby contributing to the progress of society as a whole.
DMW aims to foster happiness, not only for shareholders and employees but also for people throughout the regions in which it operates, in society as a whole and around the world.
Contribution to the Environment
DMW creates technologies that encourage coexistence with nature and help preserve the Earth's environment.
Employee Education
DMW supports employees’ voluntary study efforts and facilitates their education to help them find new roles and develop value for the Company.

Business Policy

・DMW maintains the tradition of its technology-based image.

・DMW strives to deliver to shareholders stable dividends and a share of profits. DMW also works to maximize its corporate resources, bolster profitability and enhance its management base.

・DMW has shifted from a business policy emphasizing aggressive growth to match current economic demands. Meanwhile, DMW is planning new business related to the environment and maintenance, and is developing new products to attract new customers and increase its market share.