Apr 12, 2011

DMW Corporation received a new order of Water Injection Pumps for Saudi Aramco Abqaiq Hanifa Plant by Saudi Aramco directly.
It is located in the desert 60 km southwest of the Dhahran-Dammam-Khobar metropolitan area in Saudi Arabia.

DMW will supply 4 sets of water injection pumps including electric motors, forced lube oil system(API614) and local control panels.

DMW has sufficient experience in providing Saud Aramco with a lot of technical advantages such as high efficiency and quality according to full comply with Aramco specifications.

#1 Water Injection Pumps
Pump Description: API610-10TH BB3 type(Axial split multistage between bearings)
Model: 150 x 100 DMF-SPG11-M
Capacity: 1050 USGPM
Differential Head: 3120 FEET
Motor Power: 1300 HP
Quantity: 4 Sets